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Our Vision

No Mission Without A Vision

“In the past few years we have been witnessing our economy changing and moving.

 With globalization, the possibility to offshore and outsource has meant that products are no longer generated only by local, regional and national producers and therefore less raw materials need to be imported.

In this new scenario, Prisma Logistics Civitanova Marche have invested in expanding spaces and services."

Gino Canaletti - Managing Director

The Vision Behind A Success

growing big

The more Italy increased the process of marketing internationally produced goods, the more this required the use of larger short term storing spaces and a capability of managing/shipping in real time.

Prisma had the ability to adapt its spaces and services to these new changes and customer needs.

That is what our company has been and IS. stilll now, investing in. 

Adapting better services constantly, to fast economy changes.




National Shipping

International Shipping

Express Services

Worldwide dedicated services by sea and sky 

Opportunities of all kind are always there and we will always be prepared for,  

Professionalism and expertise is what's behind Prisma Logistics.

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