Great Companies Have Great People 
Prisma Logistics Civitanova Marche


Arnaldo Giacchetti

Founder- CEO

Arnaldo Giacchetti, together wirh Raffaello Pasinato, is one of Prisma Logistics company founders and CEO. 

Gino Canaletti

managing Director

In Prisma ever since it was founded, he plays a key role in the company vision.

Sales and Marketing

Riccardo Giacchetti

head of Sales 

Always on the spot, in addition to taking care of the company management, Riccardo builds the best liasons with all most important clients

Antonella Giacchetti

 head of purchase office

Always on the front line, Antonella, in addition to taking care of the company management, guarantees all necessary company supplies.

Marco Baleani

Sales manager

Oozing elegance and charme, Marco is responsible for sales in northern and central Italy.

Sandro Tarquini

sales manager

With willfullness and long time experience, Sandro is responsible for sales in southern and central Italy. 

International Shipping Operations

Katy Pagnanini Prisma

Katy Pagnanini

head of land transport

Katy was the first forwarder in Prisma, she is now the head of import/export land operations.

Concetta Soccio


Concetta is responsible for Import/Export by truck services to and from Germany, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Scandinavian countries and Tunisia.

Riccardo Sacchetta


Riccardo is in charge of Express Import/Export services and all shipping services to and from the following countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, England.

Mauro Lucci


 Mauro takes care of all shipping services to and from the following countries: Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Benelux, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Slovak Republic.

National Shipping Operations

Nicholas Canaletti Prisma

Nicholas Canaletti

Head of national shipping operations

Nicholas is the Head of National Shipping Operations. He is also Head of the Logistics department.

Luigi Tidei

head of inland transport

Luigi is the Head of inland Standard and Express shipping.

He is also in charge of dedicated operations for Clients with specific requests for shipping within the national territory.

alex natalini

Alex Natalini


Alex is responsible for all Italy express shipping services.


Simona Stefoni

head of accounting

Simona is the Head of the Accounting Office.

She takes care of all paperwork and finances.

Serena Capozzucca

personal assistant

Serena helps out Simona with all invoice practices.

Warehouse And Logistics

Gionata Pasquali Prisma

Gionata Pasquali

head of warehouse

Gionata is the Head of Warehouse and is responsible for all goods in transit.

He assures no loss or damage arises at any time.

andrea di chiara

Andrea Dichiara


Andrea is in charge of customers outsource logistics .

He also deals with warehouse billing for different types of shipping.

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