Customs and Tax Warehouse 


Import Duties and Taxes 

With the increasing economic globalization, there are numerous benefits associated with using a bonded warehouse as, in simple terms, it is a duty-free zone.

Bonded Warehouse

Bonded warehousing allows you to defer payment of duty and any other taxes due until imported goods are distributed for sale.

It also provides a period of time in which goods may be sorted, repackaged or otherwise processed prior to being distributed, during which no duty or tax need be paid

Tax Warehouse 

Tax Warehouse is a place within which all commercial transactions are not subject to VAT.

They are similar to bonded warehouses but basically differ in that:
1. Only nationalized goods that has fulfilled the Import Duty into the EU can enter.
2. They are not subject to permanent controls by the customs bodies.
3. They require the physical introduction of the goods.


If You Were to be a Business Start Up

Any business start-up, introducing and importing in Italy from third countries (outside the EEC), should nationalize all goods before selling any to domestic or foreign buyers, in order to fulfill all customs duties (Duty) and VAT.

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