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What Do We Do

Our goal is to ensure that your customer is fully satisfied with the shipping service. Receiving a well-thought-out and expected package offers you a unique customer loyalty opportunity. Thanks to our strong supply chain and purchasing power, we are able to provide you with all types of shipments (standard, express, national, international) at extremely competitive prices.

 Here's how we do it:

We Take

you trust

Entrust us for your e-commerce shipping and logistics operations. Our know -how will easily liase with any major brands, complete transforming the goods delivery process.

We Quote

Quality and quantity

Once we have considered the numbers of your e-commerce in terms of quantity/volume of shipments, you will get the perfect quote.

We Ship

ready to go

We take care of all shipping and logistics.. We provide tailor-made services in collection and delivery processes and choose the perfect packaging for your goods.


"Our real strength lies in customizing our services,  just like a tailor-made suit. Once you become part of Prisma's family, you can never feel left behind.

Any service we offer you is for us another mission to be successfully accomplished."

Prisma Logistics  Head of National Shipping 

Prisma Logistics Civitanova Marche

ItIt is located in a business area of central Italy, one of the country's largest exporter.

prisma spedizioni
  • More than 30 years of shipping and logistics experience.  Know-how, passion and professionality, the perfect mix we offer our customers.
  • International shipping is our core business. For years we have successfully integrated national shipping and logistics services.
  • Our dynamism and ability in personalizing the service enables us to be an essential partner for the success of any e-commerce reality.

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Where We Are

We are located in the center of Italy, in one of the country's most organized industrial poles. Our position is strategic to successfully serve all places of best economic and demographic interest.

Welcome in our big family!

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