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Out Of House 

When you outsource warehousing and distribution services to a third party logistics, you don’t have to spend profits on warehousing space and infrastructure,

Like many of our customers, trust us to take care of your logistics! 

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Single Point Of Contact

Customer service personal support service

Customers are important to us.

Today, when immediate needs must be prioritized and met quickly, we offer our customers one single point of contact for any type of assistance. 

We are here to help you waste no time or efforts.

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Best performance

If you now struggle to keep the entire logistics operation in-house, let us manage it all for you!

You will achieve, over your competitors, the logistics support of a third party network service.

prisma logistics cost saving

Less is more


There’s no way to fight the rising costs of living, but we can offer you a way to lower business costs. Our outsourcing service will make your company logistics become more productive at a very low cost and in a much more efficient way.

Outsourcing Request Form

Click here to fill the request form. One of our consultants will be get back to you.

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